Monday, 28 April 2014

Q1: In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use Develop Or Challenge Forms And Conventions Of Media Products?

This was our main focus and inspiration for our trailer. Catfish the movie has a great back story that is not uplifting which breaks the stereotypes of most modern day films, and personally I loved this aspect of the film. I have used a couple of aspects of catfish in the way that i use social networking and a girl 'Catfishing'/tricking me. 

In the film 'The Hangover' i have used the scene of them preparing to go out and then the scene afterwards of waking up in the bedroom hungover and confused about what happened the night before. This adds an element of mystery and confuses the audience, i can say this from first hand experience. The only problem we had was that we did not have sufficient funds to rent a tiger and use costume/ make-up to our advantage. Therefore we could not give this scene justice as we would of like to have done.

Narrative and Genre

Micro Aspects & Conventions


Film Teaser

Q2: How Effective Is The Combination Of Your Main Product An Ancillary Text

I will conduct an interview to answer this question as I feel this is a very creative way to do it and it will be good to get some audience feedback.

The questions I will be asking this random interviewee will be:

Explain to the interviewee the main question i will be answering and the that he is key to what we are doing because we need audience feedback.

1. What did you think about our film trailer and did you like it or not?

2. Our poster is actually part of our ancillary texts. So what did you think about our film poster?

3. What did you think about our magazine poster?

4. How do you think that the ancillary text and the trailer intwine together and the poster and covers?

We are now going to ask you some questions about our products.

5. Do you have any suggestions for improvements that can be made for our Film Trailer?

6. Do you have any suggestions for improvements that can be made for our Film Poster?

7. Do you have any suggestions for improvements that can be made for our Magazine Cover?

8. Finally what would you rate our Trailer out of 5 Stars?

Thank the interviewee for his time and his patience!

Final Film Poster